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Dealing with someone’s affairs after they have died

If you are an executor in a will or a close relative of someone who has not left a will and are wondering how to manage someones assets after they have died we can help.

The process of dealing with the legal assets and liabilities after someone has died is called Probate.

Essentially, there are 4 main parts to probate, which are :-

  • quantify all the deceased persons assets and liabilities
  • apply to the probate court for the issue of a grant of probate or letter of administration
  • pay any liabilities
  • distribute the estate to the beneficiaries

Why You Might Need Someone Help

Of course, there is lots of advice online about probate about how easy or hard probate is and whether you choose to seek some help typically depends upon the nature of the estate and number of assets and liabilities. However we often find that clients need our help in the following circumstances :-

  • Speed of obtaining probate – probate is what we do, we know the forms, the tax returns, and who to contact for these reasons we would hope using us would be much quicker and easier
  • The Deceased owned a Property  – if the Deceased estate includes a property a Solicitor will need to be instructed at some stage and therefore using a Solicitor for the probate can assist in the sale of a Deceased person’s property
  • No Will – if the Deceased dies without a Will, having a Solicitor to advise on the Intestacy rules can be sensible
  • Inheritance Tax – if the Deceased estate involves Inheritance Tax issues, a Solicitor may well be help reduce the Inheritance tax eg. through a Deed of variation
  • Contested Probate -if the will is in dispute, having a Solicitor to advise upon procedure is often very important
  • Fully insured – a Solicitor carries professional indemnity insurance for all work undertaken, which does help alleviate individual concerns a Executor may have when undertaking probate personally
  • Fixed fees – we operate a simple and easy guranteed fixed fee all deferred until the conclusion of the case

Need A Fixed Fee Probate Quote ?

Most Solicitors charge hourly rates and a percentage of the estate, however the feedback from our clients is that such a method of charging for probate is unfair. Instead we charge a simple easy to understand fixed fee. As we specialise in Probate we are able to give you a fixed fee quote for the cost of probate at the beginning of the case. If you would like a fixed fee quote, please call us on 0844 740 1637 or e-mail here.

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