Will I need Probate ?
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Estates under £5,000

If the total value of assets held in the deceased’s sole name (excluding assets held jointly such as a house) does NOT exceed £5,000.00 then it is likely a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration will not be required.

If the assets of the deceased are under £5,000.00, banks or building society providers will generally simply ask for a certified copy of the Will together with the Death Certificate before they release any monies.

Estates over £5,000 : when you will need probate

If the answer to any of the following questions is YES you will need a Grant of Probate:

  • Did the deceased have an interest in a trust during their lifetime?
  • Does an institution which holds assets in the sole name of the deceased (for example an insurance company) require a Grant of Probate before they will release the funds?
  • Was there a house or land owned by the deceased either in his/her own name alone or owned jointly with someone else as tenants in common?
  • Did the deceased have account/s with banks or building societies containing more than £5,000? (However, nowadays it is worth checking with Banks or Building Societies as some will release assets of more than this amount without the need for a Grant of Probate and if so this will save time and money)
  • Did the deceased own stocks or shares?

Always take advice prior to obtaining a grant as there may well be Inheritance Tax issues that need to be considered.

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