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The starting point is to locate the original will. The original will must be found as the probate registry will require this before a grant can be issued. The will is most likely to be found at the probate solicitors’ office, or at a bank or building society.

Executor’s duties

Once the will is located the Executor’s job will be:-

  • collect in and deal with the assets of the deceased.
  • identify liabilities of the deceased.
  • distribute the estate according to the will.

Once the will is located and the assets and liabilities are established, the application to the probate registry can be made either by the Executor within the Will or by using a specialist probate solicitor.

If made in person the Executor will be required to submit a PA1 from together with either an IHT 205 (if no tax is due) or an IHT 200 if Inheritance tax is due.

Probate costs for the application must also be sent to the probate registry that are currently £90.00 for a personal application. Once the papers are received the Executor will have to attend an interview at the Probate Registry for interview, and to swear an oath. Thereafter, a Grant of Representation will be issued and posted to the applicant once the Probate Registry is satisfied as to the validity of the application.

If you are unsure whether to use a solicitor for a grant of probate call the free Solicitor Helpline Number on the following number.

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