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Probate can be a time consuming process, with lots of forms, correspondence and legal steps required. In light of this it is perhaps not surprising that figures revealed from the Probate Registry show that the majority of applications for probate are undertaken with the help of a Solicitor.

The reasons why using a Solicitor can be beneficial are :-

  1. Even on small estates an inheritance tax form must be completed.
  2. Using a solicitor can be quicker.
  3. No interview at the probate registry is required. This can save a great deal of time.
  4. the solicitor maybe named as an executor.
  5. If various beneficiaries exist the use of a Solicitor is often useful as he will be impartial, in dealing with questions and queries throughout the estate administration.
  6. A Solicitor carries professional indemnity if mistakes arise.
  7. Using a solicitor may help to reduce your inheritance tax liability in regard to certain reliefs claimed.

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