How Much Does Probate Cost ?

Solicitors Fees For Probate 

If you have need probate, let us help you.

So what are the benefits and costs of using a probate solicitor ?

  • Speed of obtaining the Grant – We Know the process from start to finish, what forms to complete, who to contact and how to apply promptly.

    if you don’t apply correctly then the probate registry will simply reject your application. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Property of a Deceased – if the Deceased estate includes a property a Solicitor will need to be instructed at some stage and therefore using a Solicitor for the probate can assist in the sale of a Deceased person’s property
  • No Will – if the Deceased dies without a Will, having a Solicitor to advise on the Intestacy rules can be sensible
  • Inheritance Tax – if the Deceased estate involves Inheritance Tax issues, we can guide you through the reliefs to be claimed, and paying the right tax. We make sure you pay the right tax.
  • Contested Probate -if the will is in dispute, we can advise you on the important steps in defending the will
  • Fully insured – a Solicitor carries professional indemnity insurance for all work undertaken, which does help alleviate individual concerns a Executor may have when undertaking probate personally

Fixed fee Probate Services : what will it cost me ?

Most Solicitors charge hourly rates and a percentage of the estate, however the feedback from our clients is that such a method of charging for probate is unfair. Instead we charge a simple easy to understand fixed fee, as we specialise in Probate we are able to give you a fixed fee quote for the cost of probate at the beginning of the case. If you would like a fixed fee quote, please call us on 0844 740 1637 or e-mail here.

The Probate Registry also charge a fee, if the application is made in person, the cost will be £215 while through a solicitor the probate  registry fee is £155.

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