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Probate Costs

The costs of applying for probate, ultimately depend upon whether a Solicitor is instructed or the application is made in person. Factors to consider when deciding whether to use a Solicitor for probate include the following :-

  • Speed of obtaining the Grant – it can be generally be quicker using a Solicitor as no interview at the Probate Registry is required when a Solicitor is used
  • Property of a Deceased – if the Deceased estate includes a property a Solicitor will need to be instructed at some stage and therefore using a Solicitor for the probate can assist in the sale of a Deceased person’s property
  • No Will – if the Deceased dies without a Will, having a Solicitor to advise on the Intestacy rules can be sensible
  • Inheritance Tax – if the Deceased estate involves Inheritance Tax issues, a Solicitor may well be help reduce the Inheritance tax eg. through a Deed of variation
  • Contested Probate -if the will is in dispute, having a Solicitor to advise upon procedure is often very important
  • Fully insured – a Solicitor carries professional indemnity insurance for all work undertaken, which does help alleviate individual concerns a Executor may have when undertaking probate personally

Fixed fee Probate Services : what will it cost me ?

Most Solicitors charge hourly rates and a percentage of the estate, however the feedback from our clients is that such a method of charging for probate is unfair. Instead we charge a simple easy to understand fixed fee,. As we specialise in Probate we are able to give you a fixed fee quote for the cost of probate at the beginning of the case. If you would like a fixed fee quote, please call us on 0844 740 1637 or e-mail here.

The Probate Registry also charge a fee, if the application is made in person, the cost will be £105 while through a solicitor the cost is £45.

Probate Advice

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