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Registration of a death

All deaths should be registered within 5 days, by contacting your local registrar of deaths and births. If the cause of death is uncertain then the registrar may delay the registration of the death until a medical certificate is issued.

Company Pensions/Personal Pension Plans

The Death Certificate should be sent to the pension providers.

Council Tax

The local authority should be advised and, if appropriate, a claim made for a reduction due to single occupancy.

Credit Cards

The card supplier should be advised and confirmation obtained that any survivors’ cards are still valid.

Driver’s Licence

The deceased’s driver’s licence should be returned to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AL.

Hospital/Doctors Surgery

Any hospital or doctor’s surgery attended by the deceased should be notified.

Income Tax

A Death Certificate should be sent to the Inspector of Taxes.

Joint Assets

On sight of the Death Certificate and the document of title (passbook, share certificate etc), Banks, Building Societies, Company Registrars and other organisations will transfer joint assets into the name of the surviving joint holder.

Motor Vehicles

The insurers should be advised immediately and confirmation obtained that the car can be driven. The DVLA should be advised of the change of ownership by completing the relevant sections of the vehicle registration document.


The deceased’s passport should be returned to The Passport Office, 101 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9BD.

Deceased’s property

The title deeds need to be located and the property valued. Probate Valuations etc

Probate Advice

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