When To Use A Probate Solicitor or Specialist

If you have been told that you need probate, and are unsure as to whether to use a solicitor, he is a brief guide as to when you should use a solicitor for probate.

  • If there is a problem with the will – if there is an issue with the will itself we can help. It maybe the witnesses section or the manner in which the will has been signed whatever the issue we can help.
  • Inheritance Tax maybe payable – getting a specialist in probate to guide you through the complexities of inheritance tax can be invaluable in saving some overpaying on inheritance tax. Knowing what reliefs to claim and how is crucial.
  • The original will is lost – we have a dedicated team that help with lost original will cases – we can help, you can read more about lost original cases by clicking here
  • The will is being disputed – if a will is disputed as an executor it is crucial that issues relating to the conflict are resolved before the estate is administered and distributed.
  • The Deceased left No Will – the intestacy rules are complex and legal help should always be sought
  • There are a significant number of assets and liabilities – if the deceased had a considerable number of assets having a solicitor able to manage the collection of those assets and payment of liabilities is crucial
  • The deceased had assets in both the UK and overseas – the rules on overseas assets are complicated – for example double taxation rules can apply we can help
  • The estate maybe insolvent – if there are lots of liabilities expert help should always be obtained in knowing who to pay first – get it wrong and a disappointed creditor could make a claim against the executor or administrator

How Much Will Probate Cost ?

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