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We operate across the UK and specialise in handling all probate cases, including contested probate.

As members of the Law Society’s specialist Probate Section, we fully appreciate the difficulties caused after someone’s death, and aim to handle the whole probate process from start to finish in the most cost effective way. Unlike most solicitors we always endeavour to handle a probate case on a fixed fee basis as opposed to charging by the hour or by the value of a deceased’s person’s estate.

Who pays the solicitors fees

Solicitors fees are a legitimate deduction from the estate, which means that they are paid out of the assets of the deceased and not by the executor/s personally. If you Dealing with probate can be confusing and therefore it can often be much easier to get someone to help with the probate process. If you would like a quote call us on 0844 740 1637

Probate Advice

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