Time Limits To Contest a Will

If you are thinking of contesting a will, there are very important time limits that you need to be aware of.

The most important advice is to simply act quickly and IMMEDIATELY seek advice, there are three important reasons :-

  • You need to ensure the estate assets are preserved – a lawyer can ensure probate is not issued
  • Important Evidence can be gathered quickly
  • Important deadlines are not missed

The time limits do vary depending on the nature of the dispute, here are the key deadlines to be aware of :-

Claims Under the Inheritance Act 1975

Claims under this act, enable a certain category of persons to make a claim against an estate for what is known as reasonable financial provision  tyically such claimants are children, spouses, or co-habitants. The deadline to make a claim is very limited and is just 6 months from the date of when probate has been issued. Given this it is therefore crucial in acting quickly.

Fraud Claims Against An Estate

There are no time limits that apply to claims relating to fraudulent acts.

Beneficiary Making A Claim Against an Estate

The time limit is strictly 12 years from the date of death, but the need to act quickly is crucial as ultimetly if estate assets have been distributed then making a claim may well have limited prospects.

Unsure As To A Time Limit ?

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